World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation

logo_WJPF_250x72The World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation is an association of legal bodies with an interest in jigsaw puzzles. Only one organization per country can belong to the WJPF. The WJPF follows the Olympic standard in what constitutes a country. Information on present members, criteria for membership, benefits of membership and how to join, is to be found in the Member’s Section.

Goals of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation are:

  • To organize and supervise the future World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship (WJPC) and other activities.
  • To achieve the acknowledgment of jigsaw puzzle competitions as a sport.
  • To establish a standard on rules and regulations for jigsaw puzzle competitions and other issues about their organization to be taken into consideration.
  • To foster friendship among jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts world-wide.
  • To stimulate innovations in the field of jigsaw puzzles.

Source: World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation