World Chessboxing Association

Source:  WCBA
Source: WCBA

World Chess Boxing Association (WCBA) provides an organisational framework for national ChessBoxing organisations around the world.  WCBA is the official sanctioning body for all international chessboxing titles.

Chessboxing is a combination sport and one of the main ideas is to balance the mental and physical elements of the sport so there is an equal chance of winning in either way.  The bout is decided  by a checkmate or a boxing stoppage.  In addition, the chess match is played under an agreed time limit so that at the start, each player has the same amount of time to make all their moves.  If a competitor plays slowly and runs out of time the bout is immediately stopped and the result is declared  a defeat by “time penalty”.

Anyone can start chessboxing and can take part in competition once they have achieved a basic level of competence in chess and boxing. Chessboxing is open to women and men of all ages.

Source: World Chessboxing Association