10 Reasons Why Children Under the Age of 12 Shouldn’t Use Handheld Devices

kids game photoThe Canadian Society of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatrics both claim that children should have restricted access to handheld devices.  This is because technology is abused by children 4-5 times more than normal and this can lead to serious developmental consequences.

1. Brain growth: The children’s brain grows at a fast rate, and if it is not stimulated by the environment around they can develop attention deficit, impaired learning, cognitive delays and not the ability to self-regulate.
2.  Developmental Consequences: It  slows down the child’s development affecting mental and learning skills. Children under the age of 12 should be forbidden from using handheld technology too much.
3. Obesity: Motor skills and physical work is reduced and  results in obesity. Hence child diabetes is prominent with a higher risk of heart attack and shorter life expectancy.
4. No Sleep: 75% of children use technology in bedrooms and those aged 9 and 10 sleep much less because of that, which affects their grades.
5. Mental Disorder: Overuse of technology is the reason behind problematic behavior, psychosis, bipolar disorder, attention deficit, anxiety and child depression.

Source: Healthy Food Place