Embroidery stitching tips

embroidery photo


General Stitching Tips:


  • Prevent the thread from twisting while you stitch by turning your needle a slight quarter to half turn with each stitch.
  • If your thread gets twisted while stitching, drop the threaded needle and let it hang freely until it “unwinds.”
  • Avoid running the thread across the back of the fabric to go to a new stitching area. Instead, start and stop in each section to assure that running threads don’t show through on the front side of the fabric.
  • Mark dots for uniform stitch size; to achieve uniform stitch size, use a ruler or tape measure to mark tiny evenly spaced dots along the stitching line. You will learn to gauge stitch distances with experience.
  • Stab “up and down.” When working with your fabric in a hoop it is preferable to stab the needle vertically up and down through the fabric when making each stitch.
  • Keep your tension even. To create smooth uniform stitches, pull each stitch with the same amount of tension.
  • Learn how to use both hands when stitching tamiflu for kids. Learning how to manipulate the needle takes practice and learning how to hold a hoop while stitching takes time. Sometimes both hands are necessary to complete a stitch and the hand holding the hoop must be used to assist in keeping a loop in place while the other hand stitches.

Source: DMC USA