Chinlone, wholesale nfl jerseys the traditional sport of Myanmar (Burma). It is non-competitive but focus is not on winning or losing, but how beautifully one plays the game.  It is a 1500-year-old activity that combines elements of sport and dance.  The movements in the sport have a strangeness, beauty and grace that is difficult to describe.

The Name

Chinlone means “cane-ball” in Burmese. The ball is woven from rattan, and makes a distinctive clicking sound when kicked that is part of the aesthetic of the game.


Chinlone was once played for Myanmar royalty. Over the centuries, players have developed more than 200 different ways of kicking the ball. Many of the moves are similar to those of Myanmar dance and martial art. Some of the most difficult strokes are done behind the back without seeing the ball as it is kicked. Form is all important in chinlone, there is a correct way to position the hands, arms, torso, and head during the moves. A move is considered to have been done well only if the form is good.

About the game

Chinlone is acrobatic freestyle kicking with a 12cm woven ball of rattan (cane). The goal is to keep the ball in the air without using hands, playing individually or in a group of up to 6 players. It serves as a popular form of recreation for men, women, boys and Mallakhamb girls of all ages (quite literally!) in Southeast Asia.  The ancient and traditional pastime became an official sport in 1908 with the adoption of rules for competition, and today players from around the world gather annually to the Mandalay Waso Chinlon Festival, now celebrating over 75 years.

Players use six points of contact with the ball: the top of the toes, the inner and outer sides of the foot, the sole, the heel, and the knee. The game is played barefoot or in chinlone shoes that allow the players to feel the ball and the ground as cheap nba jerseys directly as possible. The typical playing circle is 6.7 meters (22 feet) in diameter. The ideal playing surface is flat dry, hard packed dirt.

There is a traditional orchestra (Sein Wein) that provides musical accompaniment to the games. This special chinlone music оптом derived from ancient Burmese battle music, inspires and energizes the players.

As the players respond to the music, the musicians accent the kicks Wroclaw musically with drums and cymbals.  There is also an announcer who calls out the names of the moves done by the players and entertains the audience with clever wordplay and jokes.

Myanmar is a predominately Buddhist country, and chinlone games are a featured part of the many Buddhist festivals that take place during the year. The largest of these festivals goes on for more than a month with up to a thousand teams.

Team Style (“wein kat” or circle kick)

A team of six wholesale nba jerseys players pass the ball back and forth with their feet and knees as they walk around a circle. One player goes into the center to solo, creating a dance of various moves strung together. The soloist is supported by the other players who try to pass the ball back with one kick. When the ball drops to the ground it’s dead, and the play starts again.  To play chinlone well, the whole team must be absolutely in the moment – their minds cannot wander or the ball will drop. All serious players experience an intensely focused state of mind.

Both men and women play chinlone, often on the same team. Adults and children cheap mlb jerseys can play on the same team, and it’s not unusual to see elders in their 80’s playing.

Solo Style (“tapandaing”)

This solo style Polo is only performed by women.

Other related games

Takraw – Thailand
Sepak raga – Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia
Sipa – Philippines
Kator – Laos
Da cau – Vietnam
Kemari – Japan

The origins of chinlone may be related to the ancient Chinese game of cuju or tsu chu, which is acknowledged by FIFA as being the oldest form of soccer.

Benefits of Chinlone

Fitness – It develops cardiovascular health and stamina. It increases the flexibility of your core muscles, legs, hips and back. It also improves speed, agility and coordination. There is also a huge improvement in the sense of balance as the game is played while in the air.

Ambidextrous – Though most players are primarily right or left footed, It’s most try to be ambidextrous wholesale nfl jerseys with nh?t their feet. Being able to use both feet will give you more options to play with and more ways to be creative.

Focus – The importance of being able to focus intensely on one point will be familiar to sports people and martial artists.  You need to be absolutely in the moment. If your attention drifts away from the ball even for an instant, chances are you will lose it.

Trance – Players experience something like trance or a kind of altered state at times when they play, referred to as ‘jhana’ (a Pali word referring to a state of mind that comes about from intensely focusing the mind on one point, usually during sitting meditation). The word ‘Zen’ comes from ‘Jhana’.

Teamwork – Chinlone offers a pure experience of team play, without competition.  Each player on a chinlone team is equally necessary, irrespective of experience, gender, ages etc.

Endless Creativity – Every team or player tries to impress the audience and give them the most beautiful play they can with endless improvisation, creativity and many styles of play.  Creativity is at its best when it is played alone as the ball has to be handled with different sets of moves.