Basics of Calligraphy

Learning the basics is the best part of learning calligraphy. But if you’re just getting back into it, these calligraphy tips are probably exactly what you need.

    Parts of nib  Distinctive parts of the nib. The actual tool has two parts — the pen holder and the nib. The nib, which is pictured to the left, also has distinctive parts, when you’re trying to figure out the exact tool you need.
    Nib position  How you hold the pen matters. Calligraphy requires a special method of holding and wielding your pen. Hold your pen at a 45 degree angle for optimal line drawing, Make sure your nib is leading the line. This might feel a little strange at first.
   calligraphy stroke  The stroke is key. In calligraphy, letters are composed of multiple strokes, and practicing those strokes is how you’ll become proficient.  Before you form a letter or even a word, practice making lines.

Source:  Creative Live Blog