A different way to look at math

math photoChildren naturally want to learn and conquer the things that are relevant to their lives. Some parts are definitely relevant–the ones that appear in our daily lives.

This includes writing numbers, counting, basic adding and subtracting, temperature, fractions as related to cooking, telling time, measuring, the concepts of multiplication and division (but not complicated calculations with them), decimals as related to money, and probably more I’m forgetting.

But math that doesn’t naturally arise in our daily lives does not get our focus right now because it requires a different process: Abstract thought.

The traditional approach to math study, whether done at school or at home, creates a hate of math in many kids. It makes plenty feel stupid at a young age–an internal lesson awfully hard to unlearn later. Others  begin to measure themselves by their positive performance instead of their inner value.

Instead of making kids fit the system,  create a new system to fit kids .

Source: Simple Home School