5 tools to help you learn new skills

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It’s time for some new tricks from cooking to photo-taking to origami.



  1. Look & Cook (Android, iOS) app provides pictures with easy-to-follow steps, giving a fighting chance at making something that actually tastes like food is supposed to taste.
  2. Learn Photography (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) app uses a combination of videos and quizzes, you’ll learn about what to look for in a camera and a host of other best practices for capturing professional-looking photos.
  3. Duolingo (Android, iOS) is a drop-dead easy way to learn a new language, with lessons that are easily digestible and gamified in order to keep you interested.
  4.  How to Make Origami (Android, iOS) teaches the fine art of paper-folding. The app sports more than 70 patterns, each split into fold-by-fold steps accompanied by animations.
  5. Coach Guitar (Android, iOS) cuts right to the chase, skipping basic chords and music theory in exchange for a virtual fretboard peppered with colored dots that show you where to put each finger, plus videos that demonstrate how each song is played.

Source: Fast Company