5 great reasons kids should try Taekwondo

martial art photo


As a co-ed sport, Taekwondo is a great alternative for children.


  1. Strengthens both mind and body: The kicking, blocking, striking and punching moves make kids stronger, with better balance, flexibility and coordination. Memorizing long movement sequences requires focus and concentration.
  2. Develops discipline and respect: Students learn both physical and mental discipline and show fellow respect. This carries over into other areas and help them to resist peer pressure.
  3. Teaches self-defense skills: They will be better prepared when coming across more aggressive peers.
  4. Helps kids set goals and accomplish them: As kids advance up a level and achieve a new coloured belt, they are working towards a bigger goal, earning a black belt. This determination and perseverance carries over into everything else they do.
  5. Builds confidence and self-esteem: As kids get stronger and more skilled, their confidence increases. This positive and encouraging attitude builds higher self-esteem.

Source:  Youthletic