4 Things our kids need to hear from us

kids photo

  1. 1. “I’m proud of you!” There’s nothing more powerful, when it comes to building their self-esteem, saying “I’m proud of you,” like building a skyscraper in seconds. One cannot imagine how much these words impact their little minds making us realize that children need to hear this from us.

2. “I love you!”  We need to say this to our children more than we do. It  is one of those statements that needs to be backed up with action. Words can be cheap with their depth being lost. So, let our kids know we love them in both word and action!

3. “I believe in you!” Letting the children know how much we believe in them builds mountains of self-confidence. We live in a world that tears our children down everyday, and makes them believe that they will never succeed at anything. Unfortunately, they begin to believe this. A father’s belief in his children can make a world of difference to keep going in-spite of rejection.

4. “I’m in your corner!” Through the ups and downs and defeating moments of life, our children need someone who’s on their side, even when everyone else walks away. Children need us in their corner to, believe in them, cheering for them, and lifting them up, even when the world tells them they’re not good enough. 

Source:  Good Men Project